Beers & Ciders

Crispin: Excellent selection of Gluten-free ciders.  My personal favorite is the Lansdowne.  Locally, Bellingham, can be found in Haggen, Whatcom Falls Mini Mart and The Food Co-op.

Redbridge Beer:  This is the beer that I like the most, so far, out of the gluten-free beers I have tried.  It is a basic lager beer.  It can be found locally at Haggen, The Food Co-op and Trader Joe’s.

Greens Beer:  This beer comes from the UK and is good.  My favorite is the Dubbel Ale.  These tend to be on the sweeter side and are syrupy.  They can be found at The Food Co-op.

Strongbow Cider:  This is a good cider.  For just over $2 a tall boy it is hard to bee the price.  Great on a hot summer day or during a tail gating party.  This can be found at Haggen, The Food Co-op and Fred Myer.

Estrella Damm Daura:  This is the best Gluten-free beer I have found to date.  It is an excellent light, crisp, lager that tastes like a real beer.  So far I have only found it at Bottleworks in Seattle.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade & Cranberry Lemonade Lite:  Yeah, who knew.  It is gluten-free.


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