Gluten-free bread in a bread machine!

As you probably know you have to take out a small loan to by loaves of gluten-free bread for your whole family.  (There are six of us, still not sure how that happened.)  Udi’s is our personal favorite.  But I have been wanting to give it a try in a bread maker.  Only problem is, I didn’t own one… until today!  I was in the Goodwill and found a Sunbeam Bread Machine in prefect condition for $15.  I am going to fire it up tomorrow and see what I can come up with.  I am including a link to my favorite GF blog that has a great posting about GF bread machine making!

Gluten-free Goddess

Katrina is awesome!

Also, while Google searching I discovered this book on Amazon that I am going to order.  “125 Best Gluten-free Bread Machine Recipes”

Have a lovely weekend!


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