Gluten-free Fish Taco’s

We love Mexican food!  I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We have found that Mexican food is one of the easiest to prepare gluten and dairy-free for our family.  My wife and I have made variations of fish tacos for dinner.  Take some Ahi tuna (we normally get at Trader Joes out of convience) marinate overnight in fresh squeezed lime, olive oil and other herbs or spices that sound delicious.  Get some corn tortillas (read the ingredients, some companies throw a bunch of other crap in there, who wants to eat crap?)  Trader Joe’s has some awesome corn tortillas.  Prepare your taco fixings ahead of time, that way when you take your fish off the grill you are ready to eat!  We keep it pretty simple, lime wedges, red cabbage, cilantro and salsa.  We have also put arugula with them in the past as well which is pretty bitchin’.  We bbq the ahi, (keep a close eye on fish, it cooks faster than you think) and then towards the end we throw the tortillas on the bbq as well.  It warms the tortillas, softens them and adds a little of that bbq flavor.  Throw it on the table while the fish is hot and moist and you have your self a kickn’ mexican fiesta!  Add some silver tequilla and tonic with a lime (gold tequila tends to have gluten in it from caramel color) and you and your wife might find your self expecting another kid.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Gluten-free Fish Taco’s

  1. You guys are just awesome! Love the post. I’m heading to T.J’s! I didn’t even think about tequilla having gluten in it!

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