Delicious Gluten-Free Cider!

One of the things I mourned when I went gluten-free was excellent micro-brewed beer that we have in abundance in the PNW.  I have tried many GF beers but unfortunately have not really met one that lives up to a beautiful full-bodied beer.  Therefore, I have been checking out more of the cider family and to my surprise have found a nice variety.  Crispin makes some of the best gluten-free cider I have come across.  I have tried their “Honey Crisp” and “Saint” which are both excellent.  Recently I made a pit stop at a local mini mart near Whatcom Falls Park and discovered Crispins “Lansdowne.”  This cider is phenomenal!  It has wonderful aroma, full body, great color and my oh my does it taste good!  It actually reminded me of a delicious beer!  It is made with Irish stout ale yeast and pure organic molasses.  If you come across a bottle of this, buy it, drink it, share it.  Thank you Crispin for making top-notch ciders.  (The Copper Hog in Bellingham, WA often has a Cripspin cider on tap!)


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